Adam Caudill

Security Engineer, Researcher, & Developer

Content Stats

Blog & Essay Content #

The content on this site dates to 2003, since then there have been 344 posts (including essays); these posts contain 198,813 words (for an average of 577.9 words per post), that’s 1,289,390 keystrokes. If you read every post on this site, it would take you approximately 994 minutes, though it took about 39,763 minutes to write.

Photo Content #

Since I started posting my photography on this site, I’ve added 81 photos; seeing as I don’t perform any post-processing on my photos, the time invested in each isn’t that bad. Overall, I’ve spent about 1,620 minutes working on these photos and getting them posted.

Short Stories #

I’ve also started quite recently posting short stories. So far I’ve posted 2, containing 6,497 words; they can be read in 182 minutes, though took 7,283 minutes to write.