Adam Caudill

Security Engineer, Researcher, & Developer

About my Photography

While I have a true passion for software and security, my other great love is photography. My love of photography came from working as a photojournalist during my teen years for a small newspaper in East Tennessee. During the time I worked there, I came to understand the importance of visual media and the critical importance of freedoms granted to the press.

The power of a great photograph to impart emotion on the viewer is remarkable; while I began working as a photographer to document the world and tell the story of current events, today, I focus on the art.

My early years in serious photography was almost exclusively with 35mm film and manual cameras (that said, I’ve had a camera in my hand almost from the time I could walk). I still have a love for film photography, though the cost of film and the number of frames I shoot finally pushed me to digital exclusively.


I’ve used a wide variety of gear over the years, though I will offer a few highlights.


The Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 powered my work in photojournalism; a great all manual camera — the only bit of electronics was the in-viewfinder light meter. An absolute workhorse and a camera I still love. The ability to shoot in areas so dark that auto-focus cameras couldn’t get a clear shot came in handy on many occasions. After that work ended, I moved to the Canon AE-1 Program (with Power Winder) and my go to camera — while well outdated when I started using it, I fell in love with it immediately. It was, without question, my favorite camera of all time. I did shoot with automatic cameras such as the Nikon N90s (and other assorted Nikon cameras).


As with film, I’ve used a variety of cameras, such as the Nikon D40x, D80, and more recent Fujifilm X-T20. Today, there are two primary cameras that I use:

  • iPhone 12
  • Fujifilm X-T3

For the iPhone, I generally shoot using Obscura and the Rands filter. For the XT-3, I use the excellent ACROS film simulation with Red filter, and increased contrast to get the look I’m after.

Photographic Purism

It’s exceedingly rare that any alterations are made to my photographs (with the exception of a signature); no cropping, no color adjustments, nothing. While photo editing has become an art in it’s own right, it’s not one I’m interested in.

I focus on finding interesting perspectives of the world, and present those as-is. What I see in the viewfinder is what you see on these pages.


I very rarely shoot in color, I much prefer darker black & white images, I find that they convey the subject in a much purer form, without the distraction of color. I tend to focus on everyday life, from interesting (if not unexpected) angles. I rarely shoot landscapes, tend to avoid people more often than not, and shoot exclusively with natural light.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve presented here.

  • The White Tiger

    The White Tiger by Adam Caudill on
  • Feelin' It!

    Feelin' it! by Adam Caudill on

    A street performer giving the crowd quite a show; probably the best performer I heard while I was in New Orleans.

  • 622

    622 by Adam Caudill on

    Found on a old building in the French Quarter, something about it called to me. The history, the stories these numbers could tell. The old paint, witness to so much.

  • Unending Sorrow

    Unending Sorrow by Adam Caudill on

    Walking the narrow, oft-maze-like paths it’s impossible to not feel the pain and sorrow that hangs over the place like a cloud.

    You feel it as soon as you pass the gates; with each step the feeling becomes more clear: I shouldn’t be here, I’m intruding into land where I don’t belong.

  • Sill Branch Falls in Fall

     Sill Branch Falls by Adam Caudill on