As a teenager I worked at a small town newspaper and quickly fell in love with photography and photojournalism.

Aside from software and security, my other passion is photography, you can see the best of my more recent work on my 500px page. My love of photography came from working as a photojournalist during my teen years for a small newspaper in East Tennessee. During the years I worked there, I came to understand the importance of visual media and the critical importance of freedoms granted to the press.

Most of my time behind a camera has been with 35mm film, though in recent years I am now exclusively digital. I used many cameras through the years, the Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and Canon AE-1 Program being my favorite for all-manual work; the ever impressive Nikon N90s being my favorite automatic film camera. My current setup is a Nikon D80 with the extremely handy MB-D80 and a Nikon SB-600 flash.

Most of my work is outdoors with either natural light, or a single hot-shoe flash; I tend to avoid studio work.

Much of my work over the last few years was once available on Flickr, though due to the policies of Yahoo, their owner, in supporting mass spying efforts, I can no longer encourage the use of Flickr in good conscience. As such, that account is no longer available, nor is the content.