Rance, Goodbye Friend

If you never had the oppertunity to meet Rance, known as David Jones to some, you don’t know what a friend you missed. Today, you lost the chance to find out.

He was truly something special – one of the most genuine, kind, and caring people I’ve ever met. I met him at the first security conference I ever attended – while I had always been somewhat involved with security work, I really wasn’t a member of the community, I was an outsider, and every word I said, I was painfully aware of that. Rance knew I was an outsider, and he did everything he could to make me feel welcome – within a couple days I had been introduced to everyone, and he treated me like an old friend.

Had it not been for Rance, for his kindness to a stranger, I’m not sure I would have become so active in the community.

There are a thousand other stories like this, of him going above and beyond at every opportunity – anyone you talk to that knew him has something similar to say. He was truly something special, a one of kind person that made the community better for all.

Of all that has been said about him, this, I think, is the most important: