CCSRCH v1.0.7

I’ve released a new version of CCSRCH, the open-source PAN (a.k.a credit card number) search tool to help companies maintain PCI compliance. This is a fairly minor release, primarily focusing on reducing false positives. The scanner has been updated to exclude the following:

  • Results made up of the same two digits repeating (i.e. 5454545454545454).
  • Results that have seven or more of the same digits repeating (i.e. 5555555555554444).

I also fixed a bug that I introduced in v1.0.6 that prevented it from compiling on certain *nix systems; while I was in there I also fixed several instances of this building warning on newer Linux distros:

I also took the time to write-up really simple build instructions for *nix users:

This will probably be the last release for now unless a bug turns up; to improve results further I’m working on a new project (ccsrch-score), hopefully it’ll be released soon.