Adam Caudill

Security Leader, Researcher, Developer, Writer, & Photographer

Leaving GoDaddy

In December 2002 I made my first purchase from GoDaddy, since then I’ve spent $1,200 with them. Over the years I’ve seen them grow up to be a major force both in the registration and web hosting markets; I’ve also seen them go from lean and efficient to annoying and unfriendly.

Once upon a time GoDaddy had the best prices and the best search of any registrar; unfortunately things often change, and not always for the best. As time went on they added more products and adopted a very “in your face” style of marketing. For years I’ve dismissed the aggressive marketing as the cost of the low prices, but times have changed.

The aggressive marketing style, incredibly difficult to cancel subscriptions, feature lock in, and many other annoyances and issues. And why do I put up with this? It’s not the low prices, as for many things my current hosting company is far cheaper. I’m no longer locked, it’s not that. Loyalty? That it, well, that was it.

After 7 years, and $1,200 – I’ve started moving my domains over to my hosting company; and so far I couldn’t be happier. No aggressive marketing, good service, and they don’t nickel and dime me to death.

Loyalty can be a good thing, but how much is loyalty costing you? Is it worth it?

Adam Caudill