Adam Caudill

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Remember The Milk

I’ve been a fan of Tasks for quite some time, though as time goes on and updates don’t come out, it seems less and less attractive. As most web-based services have fully embraced Web 2.o with all its AJAXy goodness, Tasks remains firmly entrenched in Web 1.0; and I’ve finally given up.

We are in a world where instant is no longer a nice-to-have, but an absolute must. Applications and services should; no, must provide immediate feedback and minimize full-page loads whenever possible. Tasks has failed on this front.

Enter Remember The Milk, a simple yet highly customizable task management system. While some things are rather different from Tasks (such as having multiple task lists, and not having nested tasks) for the most part it does everything that Tasks does – only it’s free (or $25/year for a Pro account). With a low price, simple easy to use interface, and plenty of AJAX to keep things moving – it’s a real winner.

When I started using RTM the biggest issue I had was the lack of nested tasks that I had become so accustomed to in Tasks. The more I use RTM though, I’m finding that not burying tasks inside of other tasks is actually helping me to get more done, as less is being lost and forgotten about. While seeing all of the tasks laid out in front of me does seem a bit overwhelming at times, I am getting more done.

Overall, RTM helps me get thing done, while wasting as little time as possible managing tasks. Highly recommended.

Adam Caudill