Adam Caudill

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The Optimus Ghost-town

For those of you that have followed the famous (or now infamous) Optimus keyboard, the project has just lost a major feature (the latest in a series of many to be cut) that will substantially cut into the number of people who would buy one. In a few short words, many lost interest:

Optimus-103 will use black and white displays

The once great design has now crumbled into a shadow of its former self. Sporting few of the features once promised, the current design has alienated many of the loyal supporters and made many vow to not buy the product. While the Optimus has lost much of its glory due to these feature cuts, it is still a revolutionary product.

While personally I’m very disappointed that I may never have the Optimus I fell in love with a couple of years ago, it’s still a great idea, and still a unique product. They may have failed to delivery for now, but maybe someday, maybe.

Adam Caudill