Adam Caudill

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FireFox Toys: ErrorZilla

While my favorite browser will always be Opera, I’m a big fan of Firefox; its amazing selection of add-ons (a feature that Opera sadly lacks) adds much to its value for me. With the addition of plug-ins like the excellent Web Developer add-on, Firefox becomes a powerful development and browsing platform.


I just learned of a new add-on released by Eric of called ErrorZilla, this is a great idea. It’s a replacement for the default Firefox error pages, new error pages with additional features. Here’s the quick run-down of the new options presented:

  • Try again (refresh)
  • Google Cache
  • Wayback
  • Ping
  • Trace
  • Whois

Now, when faced with a dreaded “Server not found” error, it’s much easier to find some useful information. When researching a topic, there’s nothing worse than having to go in circles trying to find a page that will load, this add-on is certainly a step in the right direction. I really hope that the Firefox developers see this add-on and consider adding this or similar functionality to the distribution.

Adam Caudill