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Kill CapsLock!

Most people I know have issues with the CapsLock key; with feelings ranging from annoyance to sheer hatred. More often than not, I fall into the sheer hatred side of things. I’ve played with various ideas to solve the problem. Everything from a system tray notification when CapsLock is on, to physically removing the evil key itself. After all these attempts, I have found I like none of them.

Enter waNOCAPS (from the Winadmin tools project), a registry modification to quickly and cleanly remap the CapsLock to a third Ctrl key. This is nice in that it’s a simple registry change, not something as ugly as a background program to alter the CapsLock state or value as many CapsLock killers use.

This seems to be a clean, simple solution to an annoying “feature” – one I’ll certainly be using.

Update: It looks like the original page has been removed, but you can still access the files here.

Adam Caudill