In Comes The Schwag

The third edition of ValleySchwag has arrived. Yet again, there is a nice collection of goodies – well worth the membership fee.

The Schwag Pile

While a bit less loaded than last time , I’m still quite impressed with the package they’ve put together. The two big hits this time are the rather cool shirt from imeem and the laptop bag (see below) from MI6. While the bag doesn’t have the padding of my regular bag, it’s a lot lighter, so I know it’ll see some use.

The small stuff

The bag from MI6

All in all, I’m quite happy with this months package, and I’ll certainly be looking forward to the next round. For those interested, here’s a list of vendor’s that provided something cool for this months package:

  • imeem – Mostly-cool t-shirt
  • MI6 – The laptop bag pictured above.
  • jeteye – A useful little pen (the clicky type, that are so useful for annoying those in near-by cubicles).
  • Channel 9 – Microsoft’s Channel 9 provided a highly throw-able version of their mascot, Channel 9 Guy.
  • Macromedia – A might-be-useful-someday key chain (bottom left corner of the picture above.
  • There are also about 5 other companies that provided stickers.