Adam Caudill

Security Engineer, Researcher, & Developer

Demise of The WWW

The WWW is dying – no, not the web itself, but the ubiquitous WWW prefix on many domains. While there have been efforts to encourage developers to move away from the use of this prefix for some time, this movement seems to be gaining ground.

Matt Mullenweg of WordPress fame has released a plug-in to automatically remove the WWW prefix. While this isn’t earth shattering news, it does show a trend away from the traditional prefixes to a simpler model. A change that I certainly welcome.

From the day this site went online it’s removed the WWW if used, providing a single, optimized URL for all pages. Now that methods to implement such functionality are becoming so simple, I expect it will become even more common as bloggers adopt a single URL model (hopefully the non-WWW form).

Adam Caudill