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What A Surprise!

I’m a fairly active member of a forum focus on VB development, (formerly, I also happen to be a moderator, and carry the “Expert” skill-badge. Well, today they gave me quite a surprise.

Back 2003 I posted this on my site at the time:

** 12/01/2003**
Expert! The folks over at just voted to give me an Expert badge!

Today, a similar honor has been bestowed. By a vote of the forum leadership I’ve been given the status of Guru – the highest skill acknowledgment available. This was quite a surprise, and really quite an honor as this is a status given to only a select few. This makes me the 26th to receive this, of the 91,348 current members.

I really do appreciate this, to be judged so by a group that I hold in such high regard really does mean a lot.

Adam Caudill