USQL: Unified SQL Editor

On a daily basis, I use Query Analyzer for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access for Sybase via ODBC, MySQL Query Browser for a MySQL database, and PL/SQL Developer for Oracle access. While there are some features of all of these I really like, what I don’t like is that I have to use all of them.

I am proposing the formation of an open source project to develop a SQL front-end to allow users to access the major database platforms from a single, well-designed, and fully featured front end. This would not be a full replacement of the aforementioned applications, but a simpler, easy to use product wrapping the more common functionality. Developed in .NET (VB.NET most likely), this could greatly simplify the process of working with multiple DB platforms.

This is just an idea, and I would like to hear any feedback. If there’s enough interest, I may try to put something together to get the ball rolling.