Server Move

This site now has a new home, on a Linux/Apache box where it should have been from the beginning. When I built this site, I put it on my Windows server with the idea I’m slowly move to an ASP.NET solution, away from WordPress. Well, after realizing what I was missing (i.e. .htaccess files) I decided to go ahead and move it to my Linux server.

This will allow for some nice changes, here’s a couple:

  • Better link structure. – The site now uses a cleaner, easier to understand link structure. Instead of seeing something like “p=25” – you’ll see “2006/03/19/iso-17799/”
  • Now using the non-www version of the domain exclusively. Normally I only use the www version of the domain, but Google has so for only indexed the non-www variant, so that’s what I’ll use.
  • Easier to maintain & update. Due to some issues with FTP & the Windows server, tweaking things has been a pain. Now that I’m back on my trusty Linux box, it’ll be a lot easier to tweak things to get them just how they should be.

This change should also allow for more new features to be added as time goes on. I may start porting some of my old PHP tools to work with the WordPress structure and make those available again.

If you see anything wrong, please let me know. I think I covered everything in the move, but it’s possible I missed something, if so, please let me know.