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The Magician

Rent-A-Coder attracts all types, to that I’m sure everybody can agree. It not only receives traffic from legitimate users seeking professional assistance and are willing to pay for it, but also from people seeking code gurus that work for peanuts. This is a case where even peanuts might be asking a bit much.

Here’s the vital details:

  • ASP-based solution.
  • Converts HTML to a PDF file.
  • Does not require the end user to have Acrobat installed.
  • Can be completed in two hours.

This project is flagged as an emergency, with a requested turn-around of two hours. Not leaving much time is he? The other note is that the page should generate a PDF, yet doesn’t require Acrobat be installed to view this file. That’s going to be a challenge.

Now we come to the pièce de résistance, the price: To quote our requester:

as this is small job i will pay only 10 $

What do people think, that we can work magic?!

Adam Caudill