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4HowTo reaches 30,000 & vArticles dev.2

This post was imported from an old blog archive, and predates the creation of

As I’ve continued importing data, has now passed 30,000 articles in its database. Much as I’ve expected, the software is still stable and working normally, all seems to be scaling rather nicely. Hopefully I’ll get all of the data imported in the next week, though importing over 100,000 lines of SQL is rather time consuming.

I’ve also started planning out what I’d like to complete for 1.0 dev.2, this release should address some of the usability issues and hopefully correct the post-counts that have been thrown off by my importing data directly into the database. But don’t get too excited, I’m expecting it’ll be some time before I’ll be making a public release, there’s still a long way to go.

Adam Caudill