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Back From New York

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Wow, the summer’s over and I’m finally home!

After spending the last five months in New York (quite a difference from my native Florida), I’ve finally made it back home. Much has happened while I’ve been away, not the least of which is the death of Imspire and a few related projects. While giving up on these dreams has been difficult, I believe the result will be for the best.

Imspire, no more. #

I love software and the software industry, but an ISV is a far larger undertaking than I ever dreamed. I spent probably a year and a half of preparation followed by six months of intense work on the business, just to find I wasn’t even close to ready. Letting go was a hard thing to do, but with no income and raising expenses, I had little choice.

Now that I’m free from the bounds of starting a business, I can spend more time on other (new) projects as well as put a new spin on some old ones. Projects such as, though not much of a money maker, it still has some potential, those with less potential will be scrapped. I expect to eliminate all but a couple projects, and do something I’ve not done before: do business in my own name.

Thanks To All #

I would like to take a second to think the many people that have helped with Imspire, while there are too many names to list, here are a few that deserve special attention: Zach Tong, Max Schmeling, Chris Stelmarski, Gavin Olsen and last but not least Mike Redding. Thank you all, your effort was and is greatly appreciated.

The Future #

I plan on doing what I’ve always done, though on a smaller scale, I’ll continue to develop software and build web sites, I’m no longer interested in this as a business, though hopefully I’ll find a way to make enough to justify my time. There may be a few new projects, but not as large or as complex as some of those planned earlier. Hopefully this will allow me to complete and perfect more, and see less die in a sea of neglected projects.

This Blog #

I plan on making this site far more active, as I’ll no longer be focusing on the Imspire site, this will receive far more attention. (At least that’s the idea).

Buddy List, Bye Bye. #

As a result of my extended absence, all of my MSN buddy lists have been cleared, so if you use MSN I’ll be posting a new MSN name in the next couple days.

Note: I’ll spell check this and clean it up in a couple days, once my net connection & computer are back the way they should be.

Adam Caudill