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Why would somebody do that to Eric?

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It seems the personal web site of Eric Sink has been hacked & defaced. Why? What drives people to do such heartless acts? Eric takes his valuable time to help so many people and share his valuable insight, and some miscreant hacker wannabe comes along and does this. It’s wrong, in so many ways, it’s just wrong.

While checking my favorite blogs early this morning, I clicked the bookmark taking me to his site, needless to say I was stunned. As of this writing the site has been pulled offline. It’s really sad to see this happen. I wish Eric the best of luck in getting everything cleaned up. Hope to see this great resource back online soon.

Update: It seems that this is how that attack happened, and based on a quick Google search, it shows around 1,500 hosts that have been hit so far.

Adam Caudill