Conexant (formerly Rockwell) Softmodem HSF Modem

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I was actually rather lucky to have this brand of WinModem, as the good people over at offer a very high quality driver that makes installation a breeze! But, they have recently changed their marketing methods and charge $15 for the driver, so these really lives no viable, free alternative (a rarity to say the least for linux). So you have 2 options, you can use the free version they offer that is limited to 14.4kbps or pay the $15 for the full version of the driver. If you want a high quality, fully supported modem driver I’d highly recommend going to and buying the driver from them, the support alone should be worth it, but if you want to try and save $15 and go it on your own, the information below may help. at one time offered a free, full version of the driver released under a BSD like license (parts are also released under the GPL), as a beta release. These beta version are now totally unsupported, and they do not offer them for download. They also claim these versions to be unstable and unreliable. Well, I’m running one of these beta version now and it’s very stable, and I’ve yet to have any issues at all! makes it clear that they wont support these old beta versions, but if you’re willing to go it on your own it might be a good option. (See the Readme & Install files)


Installing the driver is a very simple task, only a couple short commands and you’re ready to go! Now, one thing that is important is that you install the kernel source, otherwise it won’t compile properly. Here is an excerpt from the ‘Install’ file:

    1. extract the package with tar -xzf hsflinmodem-{version}.tar.gz
    1. change to the package directory with cd hsflinmodem-{version}
    1. run make install from the top of the package directory. (Debian users might need to change the KERNELSRC definition in modules/common.mak first)
    1. run hsfconfig to complete the installation and configure your modem.

(Alternatively to this whole procedure you may generate RPMS from the tar package using rpm -ta hsflinmodem-{version}.tar.gz)

Now once that’s done all you have to do is fire up kppp (or the remote dial-up software of your choice) and you’re ready to go!


You can configure your modem just like any other modem, not even like a WinModem! The driver creates a symlink to ‘/dev/modem’ and you system will treat this as a normal normal modem and can be used as such.


You can get the last free version on the driver here. This is the source tar, I don’t have, nor will I publish any of the RPM versions.

Note: Due to bandwidth usage, I have removed this file, if I find another source for this file I will post it, but until then you can still download it at Louis Mann’s page (see below). I apologize for any inconvenience.

More Information:
Louis Mann’s ‘Linux on Sony Vaio PCG-V505AX’ Page