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The SWEBS Project & The SWEBS Control Center

This post was imported from an old blog archive, and predates the creation of

I’m currently serving as the project manager & user interface designer for the project, here is the project’s goal & mission statement:

“The SWEBS Web Server is designed to be an easy to use web server that offers the functionality of enterprise web servers but with a very easy to use and configure interface. It is created as a learning tool to be used by anyone new to web development.”

Well, that was then, this is now, and the project is expanding, we’re adding POP3 & SMTP servers now, and we plan on including a SOCKS5 proxy as well as a FTP server in future versions, this project is truly expanding rapidly. All the servers are written in C++ and have no user interface, they are all in the form of standard Win32 DLL’s, they are controlled by an application called the Control Center, they all store their settings in XML data files, and the Control Center has the full ability to edit each aspect of their configuration.

As of the time of writing, the Control Center currently weighs in with 34 files (including 23 classes), 11,941 lines, and 207 controls. Not a small program by any means, but still small enough to be flexible as the project evolves (although a structural redesign is planned after the next release).

Here is a screenshot of the Control Center (as of version 0.9.7):swebsuixp

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